• Inspired by the vintage Mercedes 300SL Gull Wing car
  • A truly unique voice that’s still rooted in the classic Vintage Wah’s

  • 3 Wahs in one box - offers a lot of flexibility and options

  • Great boost and voicing control that can help you reshape your sound

  • Hotspot button changes the action of the foot pedal

  • Hendrix sound in a brilliant design! 


Tribute to the old
Mercedes Gull Wing 300 SL


    • Same color design (Chassis)
    • Gull wings/doors inspiration
    • Knobs same as trip counter
    • Red rubber platform inspired by the Gull wing’s red interior design
    • Curvy, round shapes
    • The pedal is in fact a pedal version of the Gull Wing’s dash board

    Along with distortion and delay, the wah-wah is part of the “Holy Trinity” of classic guitar effects. Invented by accident in the 1960s, the wah-wah can make a guitar sing, laugh, cry and scream like human being. It’s a powerful effect that’s helped take solos by Hendrix, Clapton and a thousand guitarists since to the highest echelons of classic rockdom. Now, T-Rex is proud to introduce Gull, our own interpretation of the wah-wah legend.


    Two wahs and the long-forgotten yoy

    Many of the wah-wah pedals produced over the decades are very different from each other. And then there are related effects – like the underrated (we think) yoy-yoy pedal. When we designed Gull, we wanted to bring you the very best that history has to offer – and then some.

    Gull gives you two distinct wah-wah sounds – a light wah that’s great for clean guitars and rhythm parts and a heavy, smoking wah for distorted leads – plus the unique dual-filter yoy-yoy effect. Yoy-yoy is a basically a wah effect with an ultra-high-frequency sweep soaring overhead. It’s an incredibly rich sound.

    A classic SLOPE knob lets you shape the character of your wah/yoy sweep, and a BOOST function lets you set a higher volume for your output signal when you kick your Gull into action.

    A more musical wah

    With Gull, we also wanted to address a complaint many guitarists have with traditional wah-wah pedals: their response. Wah-wahs often jump into action at the slightest touch, leaving little room to work the pedal and build up slowly.

    Gull addresses this with a special HOTSPOT button that gives you the option of slowing the onset of the effect and using the whole pedal to “wah” with. It makes Gull respond more like a musical instrument than many legacy pedals do.

    We truly believe that the T-Rex Gull is the wah-wah the world’s been waiting for. Try it today at your local music store.

    • Custom-Made coils (Analogue Filter Parts) / Twin Coils
    • Triple Voice / Wah - Classic - Yoy Yoy
    • Magnetic Field system
    • No Potentiometer = No wear
    • Hotspot Control / Range control
    • Use the full range from up to down; i.e. the option of slowing the onset of the effect and using the pedal's full spectrum to “wah” width!
    • Value-added Effect; i.e. vintage Yoy-Yoy Effect popular in the 70's featuring a double frequency filter multiplying the pedal’s sweep of the peak response of a filter horizontally back and forth in frequency to create this sound