Pictures from our booth at MusikMesse 2014

The guys from Urban Club Band gave a fantastic concert

Pascal Kravets & Carl Carlton signing autographs


  • Wider range of distortion sounds
  • Selected components for better tone
  • Huge bottom end available at the turn of a knob
  • Highly tweakable with a simple layout and small form factor
  • More flexibility, due to the added low-boost and fat-boost knobs


  • 3 reverb types (spring, room, hall)
  • Tone control for adjusting the high
  • frequencies of the reverb
  • Analog dry signal keeps the tone intact
  • High quality reverb algorithms
  • Small, ultra simple operation - and versatility


  • Punchy gain structure with transparent voicing
  • Allows blend between clean and overdriven signal
  • Based on legendary JRC4558 design
  • Quality components optimized for audio applications


  • Studio compression in a small form factor
  • Based on the Blackmer VCA (THAT corp.)
  • Adjustable attack and release for fine tuning compression
  • Adjustable ratio from 1:1 to 9:1
  • Ideal for sustaining pop-chords as well as fast chicken pickin´


  • Clean boost based on classic T-Rex buffer amplifier
  • Adds bite and thickness to overdriven sounds
  • Amplifies from unity gain to +16dB
  • Ideal for solo boosts on electric/acoustic guitar


  • Octave up, octave down and a 5th up with individual volume controls
  • Master mix knob
  • Fast, polyphonic tracking
  • Cool bass/organ/power chord sounds


  • Analog dry signal
  • Tap tempo footswitch
  • Pristine and clear sound
  • Up to 3 seconds of delay
  • Incredibly small form factor
  • Runs on standard 9VDC power
  • True stereo operation (L/R inputs and outputs)
  • Subdivision switch - allows choice of quarter, triplets or the sought-after dotted eight delay


  • Ultra-simple operation
  • Big note display with red up/down indicators
  • Green leds surrounding the display for ”in tune” indication
  • Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass
  • Adjustable output in buffered bypass for long signal chains


  • 3 wah tones
  • Custom made coils for more pronounced wah sound
  • Adjustable boost and slope for fine tuning the sound
  • Light controlled operation for smooth pedal movement and no wear of potentiometer
  • Hot spot switch allows classic or “from heal to toe” sweep




  • FX loop insert with aux power plug for volume pedal or modulation pedals - after distortion/before delay
  • Tuner included with display for note and up/down arrows. Mutes output for silent tuning
  • Based on T-Rex classics - Møller, Mudhoney, Replica/Reptile and Room Mate
  • Sleek looks, simple to operate, same quality sound as individual pedals
  • Can be used as standalone pedals or in
  • preset mode via mode switch
  • Analog dry signal - never goes through AD/DA converters
  • Comes with a padded bag and power supply
  • Integrated switching system with 10 presets
  • 5 effect pedals in one
  • Stereo output