The Deli Magazine's 5th annual Stompbox Exhibit

The Deli Magazine's 5th annual Stompbox Exhibit in the historic Williamsburg section of Brooklyn was a great event. Thousands of guitarists and pedal enthusiasts turned up over the two days to sample products from some of the world's premier effects manufacturers. We were proud to debut the first Replicator at the event and even more excited by its reception.


Aske has been a T-Rex Ambassador since day one.

He is known for being an outstanding musician, nailing any style of music.

T-Rex had the opportunity to meet Aske, on the Road with his new band, introducing the New Album CHANT.

Aske was checking out the new T-Rex Soulmate, and it is already a part of his live rig.

He has a very simple setup, with a combination of Classic and new T-Rex pedals, powered by T-Rex Fueltank.

Please check out his new album:

Thank you for a GREAT concert!


T-Rex was invited to hang with The Gaslight Anthem in Hamburg, Germany.

They have been friends of the T-Rex family for 5 years, and we are so proud being part of their sound.

All boards are powered by T-Rex Fueltanks, to make sure to feed the variety of pedals correct.

Brian Fallon was looking for a new Compressor - and the new T-Rex Neo Comp, was the solution.

Furthermore, they fell in Love with the Creamer Reverb, and the Replay Box Delay.

Deer Tick was the supporting band and we had the great opportunity to hang with these groovy cats.


The Blue Van, comprised of Steffen Westmark (vocals/guitars), Søren V. Christensen (keyboards), Allan Villadsen (bass) and Per Jørgensen (drums), have slogged it out in the rock scene in both America and their native Denmark for a decade. There have been global ups, downs, ebbs and flows. But through it all, The Blue Van have never stopped revving their engines or adapting and adjusting to changing consumer climates in order to have their music heard and to find their audience.

When T-Rex met the guys, they were getting ready to go on an extensive national tour in their home country, Denmark.

What a GREAT band, and the new songs from the new album Illusion are so catchy and yet based on real ROCK.

The guys were really blown away by the New T-Rex Quint Machine and we are looking forward to hear the pedal in action, touring all over the world.


T-Rex was thrilled to meet up with Tim Alvin Boström, singer/guitarist from The Boy That Got Away.

If you want Rock – you got it!

These three Danish guys are the real deal. The NEW album was just released, and T-Rex is a great part of it.

Tim´s main sound is the T-Rex Vulture. The combination of his old Fender Custom Tele and the Vulture is amazing.

The T-Rex Replay Box and the Quint Machine just make the guitar sound so much wider and tasty.

Please check out the new video from The Boy That Got Away:

Hands up for Tim Alvin Boström, Matias Bager and Casper Simonsen!


T-Rex helps power the Tom Jones sound

T-Rex recently had a chance to meet two exceptional guitarists – Robbie McIntosh and Scott McKeon – when they performed with Tom Jones in Odense, Denmark. We weren’t disappointed either to see some T-Rex on stage during the show.


After the gig, we learned that Robbie’s been using the T-Rex Replica since Day One, and he really loves its brown vintage sound. Robbie was a member of The Pretenders from 1982 until 1987. In 1988, he started doing session work for Paul McCartney, which eventually led to his joining the ex-Beatle’s band full-time. A well-regarded session player, Robbie now divides his time between studio work and performing – both with the Robbie McIntosh Band and with John Mayer, Tom Jones and other top names.

Scott McKeon, who’s worked with everyone from Bootsy Collins and Zigaboo Modeliste to Derek Trucks and Joe Bonamassa, hasn’t added a T-Rex pedal to his board yet – but we’re working on him! As a celebrated producer and artist in his own right (his second album, Trouble, was released on Mascot Rovogue Records in March), Scott was keen on seeing the latest “secret weapons” from T-Rex, and took a special interest in our Replay Box stereo delay.


We had a great time talking to both these fine guitarists, but you know what? We enjoyed hearing them play even more! The band was simply on fire and so was Tom Jones – making the whole hot affair a night to remember.

Aerosmith in Denmark

Brad Whitford's guitar tech at Aerosmith


T-Rex had the great pleasure of meeting Aerosmith when they played in Denmark recently.

Brad Whitford has been using a T-Rex Replica and Fat Shuga on his board, and we were thrilled to show him some of the latest T-Rex power tools.

The very day of the show, the new T-Rex Creamer Reverb and Shafter Wah arrived at T-Rex headquarters, and we were SO proud to share these awesome pedals with Aerosmith.

Greg Howard, who is Brad Whitford’s guitar tech walked us through Brad’s and Joe’s live setups. It was a very interesting combination of vintage and more modern stuff, and it all just sounded so REAL!

After the show, the whole thing just made sense to us – this is how rock and roll should sound, look and feel.

Thank you, Greg Howard, for going out of your way to spend some time with us!


T-Rex went to visit Carl Carlton and Pascal Kravetz when they kick started the Udo Lindenberg tour 2014.

Carl Carlton and Pascal Kravetz has been using T-Rex pedals since day one.
They have really been looking forward to check out the new T-Rex Soulmate.
Carl and Pascal are gigging all over the world, and this new tool from T-Rex, just makes their lives so much easier.
We had the opportunity, to hang with the Carl and Pascal, when they kickstarted the Udo Lindenberg Panik Party in Timmendorfer, Germany.
What a Blast!

interview in German

interview in English