Aerosmith in Denmark

Brad Whitford's guitar tech at Aerosmith


T-Rex had the great pleasure of meeting Aerosmith when they played in Denmark recently.

Brad Whitford has been using a T-Rex Replica and Fat Shuga on his board, and we were thrilled to show him some of the latest T-Rex power tools.

The very day of the show, the new T-Rex Creamer Reverb and Shafter Wah arrived at T-Rex headquarters, and we were SO proud to share these awesome pedals with Aerosmith.

Greg Howard, who is Brad Whitford’s guitar tech walked us through Brad’s and Joe’s live setups. It was a very interesting combination of vintage and more modern stuff, and it all just sounded so REAL!

After the show, the whole thing just made sense to us – this is how rock and roll should sound, look and feel.

Thank you, Greg Howard, for going out of your way to spend some time with us!