Powering a distortion pedal
with 9V DC or 12V DC

We were wondering if there was any audible change in the sound of a Vulture if we powered it with 12V DC instead of 9V DC. You be the judge!


November 5th 2014

Pedal order: Distortion and Phaser

We tried to play around with the order of a phaser and a distortion pedal to show the difference.


November 5th 2014

Distortion - Flanger and vice versa

This video is for demonstrating the difference in sound when you
change the order of your pedals. This time, we are testing how
a flanger effect sounds before or after a distortion pedal.


October 7th 2014

Distortion - Boost and vice versa

This is not a pedal demo. We just want to let you hear how an overdriven pedal
reacts to a boost pedal placed before or after it.
Will it make a difference??


September 5th 2014

Building a T-Rex board

Our latest products put together on a T-Rex ToneTrunk 55.


August 26th 2014