• Compressor
  • Boost (post effects)
  • Stereo line/D.I. outputs
  • 5 min. stereo looper
  • Ultra fast chromatic tuner
  • Warm delay with tap tempo
  • 3-band parametric equalizer
  • Automatic feedback suppression
  • Modulation: Classic chorus/detune
  • Optional master volume control from expression pedal
  • Hall reverb with shimmer effect (optional expression pedal control)
  • FET preamp with high/low impedance selection and phase switch

coming May 2017




Input impedance 1M ohm/10M ohm, selectable
Output impedance (ohm) 330(xlr), 1,5K(1/4”)
Power supply 12VDC, center negative (included)
Minimum 11,5V DC
Maximum 12,5V DC
Current draw @ 12V DC 560mA max.
Maximum input signal 3,5V p-p
Effect processor specs 24-bit, 48KHz, 1ms. latency
Looper specs 24-bit, 46KHz, 32-bit floating point internal processing. Maximum 5,8 min. looping time
External connectors Input, exp. shimmer, exp. vol, ¼” outputs (L/R), XLR outputs (L/R), power inlet
Pedal size incl. knobs (WxHxD) 235 x 70 x 173 mm / 9,25 x 2,75 x 6,81 inch
Weight excl. packaging 1,9 kg / 67 oz