Best utilized as the last pedal in your chain of goodies, the Space Reverb delivers authentic stereo reverb sounds and a master boost function, that works quite well for added ambience and solo boosts in one box.
The four algorithms will go from amp-like spring reverbs to spacious hall reverbs and the adjustable boost is separated from the reverb effect, so you can use any of the two or both at the same time.
The two effects go hand in hand really well when used as “enhancers” for your existing pedal chain.
The dry signal is kept analog and there´s a switch for selecting whether the reverb tails will ring out when you bypass the effect, which rounds out the feature set nicely.


  • Four reverb algorithms
  • Selectable “spillover” bypass
  • Separate boost function (max.15dB)
  • Dry analog signal
  • Useful and natural reverb sounds



Input impedance 500K stereo
Output impedance 1K Ohm
Power supply 9/12 VDC, 2.1mm barrel plug, center negative
Current draw @ 9 VDC 85 mA
Max. input level Vp-p 3Vp-p
Battery type 9V battery (Alkaline)
Battery life 4-6 hours
External connectors Input jack, Output jack, 9VDC jack
Controls On/Off, Reverb, Boost, Decay, Mode, Boost switch
Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D) 100 x 55 x 120 mm / 3.9 x 2.2 x 4.7 in
Weight excl. battery & packaging 0.335 kg / 11.8 oz

User Manual: pdf

Photos:  hi-res / low-res