Current status on the T-Rex Binson Echorec

In response to all the questions and feedback we've gotten on the Binson Echorec project, we would like to shed some light on where we are and what we can all expect in the future.
We know that spilling the beans prematurely on a product can be a double edged sword: On one side, it´s cool to let everyone know what´s going on and what we´re working on, because it creates communication between us – we get the much needed feedback that can lift a product from “that´s nice” to “I need one of those NOW!”. On the other side, if nothing seems to happen on the project, you start thinking that it´ll never see the light of day and you might feel a bit let down?
Listen, we ALL love gear. Every person involved in this project can´t get it out of their minds because of the nature of the unit. For gear heads and techs, this is just like going to Disneyland. But there´s a financial and a corporate side to everyday life at T-Rex HQ, which has delayed the project. A lot.

So where are we now?
Well, the unit we showed you last year is actually putting out audio. The drum is rotating, the heads are spitting out and sucking up signals and the rats nest of wires, components, pots and switches next to it is amplifying, filtering and switching those signals. It´s not a prototype per se, but something we can use and work on.

What did we spend all this time on?
The simplest answer we can give you is “back engineering”. We've spent a good amount of time and money on finding the right mechanical setup. What functions should be included and how can these be implemented while staying true to what makes a Binson Echorec “tick”? How do we obtain the best wire for the drum and how can it be wound, secured and machined for our use? What properties should the wire have? How do we get a consistent and flutter-free rotation of the drum?
How should the heads be mounted for ease of use/adjustment and what should the specs be for them?
You see, it´s not like these things can be looked up in “Electronics for dummies”. It takes a lot of time doing tests and it takes even longer just to get the parts needed for testing. But this is the backbone of the unit and that´s why we want to hit the bullseye. We´re not just copying an original 1:1, although it should be able to sound like one.

What will the future bring?
As soon as we have a good overview of all the other projects we want to do, we can pick up where we left off and finish it. This will most likely start in the beginning of 2018. And we know what you´re thinking: “Yeah, whatever…just tell us when it´s available for purchase, okay?”. - Sorry, we can´t do that. We don´t want to spill any more beans than we already did, but what we CAN do is to update you all on every step of the way from now on. Kind of like a show-and-tell road movie on the development process. As soon as we have anything worth looking at or listening to, we´ll share it.
Our Christmas wish list for next year? A Binson unit. We promise we´ll behave like good boys and girls should. Then maybe Santa will swing by before his early morning date with Mrs. Santa.

Merry X-mas from all of us at T-Rex!

01_Binson Echorec-1.jpg