T-Rex Binson update #2

Hey everyone

Thank you SO much for the feedback and support! Truth be told, we did not expect this level of kindness and backup from all of you that commented. Thanks for taking the time to share your positiveness and thoughts.

We´ve started  working on the drum/head assembly. One of you mentioned that the adjustments should be kept to a minimum and that´s a tough one. In order for this to sound right, the physical setup must be precise and be wobble-free. No use in adjusting a head only to have it dangle off the assembly after a few gigs. So we are trying to come up with something that will require virtually no maintenance, once set up at the production line. The original suffered from this because the head placement was easy to knock out of position. Like on our tape echos, the best solution would be something that requires setup by us, not the user. So Sebastian is hard at work now trying to come up with a neat solution that applies the correct amount of pressure from the heads, has complete control of head position vert./horiz. and stays put once it´s adjusted. The obstacle is that this is catch 22 - it needs to be able to move, otherwise it´s impossible to adjust for good sound. But things that CAN move WILL move if you touch them right? So you can´t really have one without the other. If we can get it to where it doesn´t move unless you decide for yourself that you really want it to move, we´re golden.
Regarding the footswitch: We already implemented a remote on/off jack. You can use the pedal on the pedal board (that´s one of the "updates" compared to the original) or place it on top of the amp and run a small footswitch box out to the front stage.

As for the pricing, a friend of ours said it best: "It´s not expensive, my dear, it´s just a lot of money for you to spend". A lollipop is one dollar. A flat screen TV costs more than that. Maybe one thousand dollars. Is the TV affordable? Is it expensive? Compared to a lollipop it is, but then again, it´s not a lollipop – it´s a flat screen TV.
This pedal costs a lot of money (read: time) to design and manufacture. It consists of a lot of expensive parts and components. The very nature of it kind of sets the bar for how cheap it can get. More often than not, pricing has to do with what you actually buy. We could easily put it out for 250USD street price, but then we´d have to omit the drum and the heads and make it DSP-based. But it would be “affordable”.
We´re not about to rip anyone off. You´re our customers. But if we spend 100USD on design, parts, manufacturing and shipping, we can´t sell it for 90USD. It´s as simple as that.

Okay, no more money talk.
´Till next time, keep the comments and questions coming.

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